Review of Deerfield Beach Health and Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

Would not give this facility any stars if possible. Tried to reach my family memeber for over an hour via phone today. Kept getting the run around, phone in the room didn't work (nurse said it lost it charge and only 2 phones on the floor). Person who ans. the phone tried to speak over me each time I called. Finally a nurse used own cell phone to have my family memeber call, family member said they were horrible, would not ans. her call button, would walk right by the room. Said they were not nice there at all. Got disconnected, called back, spoke with a social worker and was then told that she had fallen asleep. This type of service is obsurd and will not be tolerated! I live out of state and trying to reach a family memeber at this facility for over an hour is just unacceptable!! If it is this hard to reach your loved one there, just what type of care are they actually getting? Very scary and will have my family member moved ASAP!