Review of Deerfield Beach Health and Rehabilitation Center

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A bunch of Haitian and Jamacian nurses that are rude and don't acknowledge the patients, this place is nasty and so are the people who work there. It's a shame to please a loved one there.

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Totally agree!!! Deplorable and the nastiest nurses ever. They treat patient caretakers as if they have no idea what they are talking about. I asked his admitting nurse if she knew what a DBS was? I was told, , "I AM A NURSE, of course I know what a DBS is? When asked to explain, she would only tell me once again that she was a "NURSE" and didn't have to tell me !!?? REALLY???!!! ( stands for Deep Brain Stimulator) Sure she ran home and googled it!! You would think knowing my husband had Parkinsons they would WANT to know what was needed to take the very best care of the patient!! Why become a nurse if you don't truly care about people??? She was just the first of many sad situations. Stay far away if you have a loved one that needs help!