Review of Countryside Rehab and Healthcare Center

1 Star User Review

Don't let anyone of your loved one come here!!! As soon as I walked in the door the smell of this place was horrible!!! Ive never in my life smelled something so bad before!!! Sorry I have smelled something just as bad THE ZOO!! My great aunt was there for long term care!! The staff is just as horrible!!!! It took an HOUR before someone came to answer her call light my aunt need to be changed!!! Then the aide tells me that my aunt is not hers and she'll try to find her aide!!! Another 30 min roll around and she never came back!!! It took me to go get someone to change my aunt!!!! ALL THE GOOD REVIEWS MUST BE FROM THE MANAGERS OR MAYBE THE ONWERS BECAUSE NOTHING GOOD IS IN THIS PLACE SO PLEASE I BEG YOU DON'T GO TO THIS PLACE!!!