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  • Signature Healthcare of Palm Beach Lake Worth, Florida 33461

    Went to this facility 4 days after back surgery.

    Walked in on my own, no one seemed to care.

    Showed me my room with a very nice lady who used an oxygen machine

    that made a god awful noise. There were empty rooms down the hall.

    When all but the night staff was left, I asked them to give me my pain medicine so I could get some sleep.

    I was told they were "working on it." No one came to help me get in or out of the bed or bathroom.

    Finally I told them if I didn't get my pain pill and my muscle relaxer , I was

    Out of here. They came up with someone's pain pill . They handed it to me

    with no water to swallow it.

    I asked them about the machine that my roommate used and told them that there were empty rooms. I said that I wanted to be moved.

    After that I saw no one.

    At 11PM , the night I arrived, I called my husband to come and get me.

    I walked past the night crew and told them I was leaving.

    I guess they didn't believe me until I opened the front door, and an alarm

    went off through the building.

    Only then did someone come out and ask what I was doing.

    I told them I was leaving, the same way I came in, under my own power.

    I called the next day to retrieve my prescriptions.

    I got the run a round, but told them my husband would be over to pick them


    Since then I spoke to someone who deals with this facility.

    They said new patients often don't get their pain meds the same day

    they come in.

    PEOPLE: I had back surgery 4 days before, pain meds are necessary

    at that point.

    If you're in pain, or need help, DON'T GO HERE.

  • Avante at Lake Worth, Inc. Lake Worth, Florida 33460

    To describe it in one word: HELL! It wasn't until right before my grandmother passed away (while still a patient there), that I realized what she had gone through. My grandmother had already been through Open Heart Surgery and was stuck on a ventilator. My grandmother couldn't speak up for herself so when she would write to us that she was being abused, we didn't know if it was the medicines she had been under or if this was true. The nurses all denied this mistreatment. It wasn't until I spent the entire day at this horrible place that I started to see what she was meaning. My grandmother had a terrible stool infection; one that made her septic. With this infection, she needed to be changed out immediately throughout the day. This didn't happen. It took me begging and even tracking down the nurses to finally get someone 3 HOURS LATER to change my grandmother. And that was only because I was there. I went and visited her on Christmas. I brought my two younger sisters to see her, but it was not a good visit. My grandmother had been medicated to the point where should could not keep consciousness. Turns out the nurses didn't want to continue to deal with her so they overmedicated her. She ended up at JFK Hospital because her heart rate dropped below 40 (normal is 60-70 for my grandmother). A couple weeks later, back in hell, my grandmother woke up to a nurse crushing up a pink pill. My grandmother mouthed to the nurse that she didn't have any PINK medications. The nurse left the room and never returned back. If my grandmother had been asleep during this, she would haven received medications that she was never supposed to receive. Then, during my grandmother's last week, she was rushed to JFK hospital because of an infection. She ended up having Pneumonia and another stool infection. My mother had to bathe her when she was first transported in to JFK. My grandmother was not changed before the transport and the infection, since she was septic, made her skin red and irritable. Almost like a burn. My grandmother passed away because, we believe, she had respiratory failure due to the Pneumonia. However, there is a chance that she being septic could have played a role in this as well. The death certificate will prove if the stool infection had anything to do with it, or should I say, if AVANTE of LAKE WORTH had anything to do with her passing!

    If I have any regrets, it is that I wasn't able to help my grandmother get out of that HORRIFYING place. IF I COULD RATE THIS WITH ZERO STARS, I WOULD!!!!!

    P.S. The Director Of Nursing hid ALL of this information from the Administrator. None of these complaints (written and verbal) were brought to the Head Administrator's attention. They were simply IGNORED. And now, my grandmother has passed away and their mistakes with be carried on to the next patient. Don't let that be your family.

  • Nuvista Living at Wellington Green Wellington, Florida 33414

    I was a patient there from Thursday 12/1/16- Saturday 12/1/0/16 on the 2nd floor. I must say, the care was excellent. The staff members were wonderful in all the departments, from nursing to dining to OT & PT - everybody was courteous and helpful. My stay was a very positive one.

  • Willowbrooke Court at St Andrews Boca Raton, Florida 33433

    I LOVE Willowbrooke Court of St Andrews. I have worked in Long Term Care since 1987 as an Occupational Therapist & therefore have been in & worked in over 50 ALF's & Nursing Homes in Florida. I researched several places & admitted my Dad there in April 2016. He received AWESOME care by ALL staff. The Charge Nurse, Carol was EXCELLENT! Carol would stop in daily to see me & give me a full report about my Dad. Carol always took the time to meet with me & to make sure my Dad was getting the best care possible. My Dad's daily nurse, Kathy LPN did above & beyond her job to meet my Dad's needs. She was always so loving to my Dad. My Dad adored her & her dog (Kathy brought in her dog with her to work & my Dad was a huge dog lover so he always loved seeing Edison, Kathy's dog.) I can't tell you how many times I cried at the facility (just seeing my sweet Dad declining due to his polycystic disease) & how Carol, Kathy, CNA's, Cafe Staff, SW, ADON & all the staff would come & give me a hug & comfort me. They truly are the BEST! The CNA were remarkable with their AMAZING hands on service they loving gave my Dad each day. My Dad at times could be very agitated & the CNA"s always treated him with love & respect. Prior to my Dad coming to Willowbrooke he had been living on 3-4 Ensures plus a 1/2 bowl of soup per day, At Willowbrooke he LOVED the food & ate every meal. During each meal he sat with other residents & staff & was completely engaged. Catherine in activities was AWESOME & got my Dad to participate in all activities. I was at the facility at least once a day, normally 2 times per day to see my Dad….I never smelled any type of order, the place was always cleaned & ALL residents were very well taken care of. If there was ever a call light on any CNA passing by would stop in to assist the resident. Residents were up & out of there rooms & engaged with staff &/or activities. The Staff is truly AMAZING! I HIGHLY HGIHLY recommend Willowbrooke. My Dad has since gone to be with The Lord. I love Willowbrooke so much even though my Dad had already passed away I made sure to go up during the State Survey so I could give an EXCELLENT report to State & share how awesome, loving & amazing Willowbrooke Staff is. If any of my loved ones every need a nursing home, without a doubt I would pick Willowbrooke Court at St. Andrews! Susie Dykema

  • Boulevard Rehabilitation Center Boynton Beach, Florida 33435

    My mom was there for a fractured hip a few weeks ago. I couldn't wait to get her out of this facility. No customer service, the staff are rude! I tried to go to the administrator but she just told me to go talk to nursing. She didn't want to be bothered to listen to my concerns. I went to speak with head nurse in charge and all I got was that couldn't have happened. The building is dirty. There were cockroaches in my moms room. Our first xperience ever dealing with something like this for my mom and it was a horrible experience.

  • Boca Raton Rehabilitation Center Boca Raton, Florida 33486

    I have visited many nursing homes and this has to be the worst one I have ever experienced. The nursing staff is poorly trained and poorly managed, they did not have enough basic supplies like diapers, gauze etc. It takes about an hour for the call light to be answered and when they enter the room they come in with an attitude. The Director of Nursing does not address your concerns she seems overworked, lost and confused, everything I said she just kept on repeating it. On top of that they billing me for services I did not receive. Oh and make sure you check your medications thoroughly because several times i caught nurses dispensing the wrong pills. It is not safe, I would not recommend it at all.

  • Avante at Boca Raton, Inc. Boca Raton, Florida 33486

    On the right track! The staff here are caring and respectful! They come to work with a passion and compassion towards caring for the residents of the building. I cannot thank them enough for what they do! By the way the food is actually very good, and the therapy staff is delightful. The facility may have had some negative reviews in the past, and has stumbled on certain surveys. These were system issues that have been fixed. On any given day any nursing center can have issues. But it is what they do with those issues and how they address them is the clue to responsive staff. Kudos Avante for your focus and commitment to your residents, your employees and striving to be a valued member of the healthcare community.

  • Nuvista Living at Wellington Green Wellington, Florida 33414

    My mother received superb care and made stunning progress. The nurses and PT know their stuff. They know medicine, they know how to work with my ndividusl patients . They check on people and took time to communicate with family. Big gold star. Hannah in PT was brilliant and caring. Her nurses, I remember most Anne Marie and Raquel really got to know my mother and how to speak with her. Best of all she trusted them and let them know how she felt so they could work well.

    It was difficult from a distance but these people stood out.

  • Joseph L Morse Health Center Inc The West Palm Beach, Florida 33417

    My mother died after being at Morse geriatric skilled nursing facility for a day and a half. She was left alone on several occasions unable to return to her room, unable to call anyone or receive a call. Her worsening medical signs were dismissed by the nurse's aide. They did not know how to do CPR, and there was no AED. They lied about the circumstances of her death and told paramedics no one knew when she was last seen alive; they told me they took her to the restroom and she collapsed. It is most likely she was forgotten and left in the bathroom in the middle of the night . They "doctored" records, and records they provided were lies of omission.. The day my mother was INCARCERATED THERE, THE LAST DAY OF HER LIFE WAS A STEADY STREAM OF NEGLECT, ANNOYANCE,DISCOMFORT, BEING IGNORED , FORGOTTEN and FEAR. This is what a 5 star rating gets you.

  • Avante at Boca Raton, Inc. Boca Raton, Florida 33486

    We wish to say thank you to everyone at Avante at Boca- not only for the care but also the caring.

    We appreciate all you did and just want to tell everyone Thank you

    To all the aides in nurses in the middle of the night always ready to help, thank you.

    We wish all the health and happiness to you all so you can continue the wonderful work you do.

  • Menorah House Boca Raton, Florida 33428

    The first thing you will notice at Menorah House is the cleanliness of the place. Absolutely no odor . The residents are cared for like a loved one , like somebody special, workers talk with them with knowledge of there names and their likes . The way it touches me is how care is given when a loved one has passed on to the immediate family. I recommend the nurses , the therapy department and of course the food is kosher.

  • Heartland Health Care Center Prosperity Oaks Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410

    My Mother was at this facility and was neglected and verbally abused. I do not think they deserve any stars they should be shut down. Beware look elsewhere to put your loved one. I had to rate one star to write this review but they truly should be shut down so I really don't rate them even a half star.

  • Nuvista Living at Wellington Green Wellington, Florida 33414

    My husband was transferred here after knee surgery in June 2014, He was never given his pm meds, fell out of bed within 5 hours of arrival. And transferred to another hospital 3 hours after that. He passed away in July.

    This is a scary place.

    I would do zero stars, but your not able to.

  • Avante at Boca Raton, Inc. Boca Raton, Florida 33486

    I came to the facility for rehab under humana. I was really concerned about nursing homes and being resident here forever. The staff re-assured me and had me in a private room that was designated for rehabilitation. I was able with the help of the therapy staff to be able to return home in 14 days with services set up at home for me. Very thankful for the therapy staff at the facility. I would recommend therapy team to anyone.

  • Whitehall Boca Raton Boca Raton, Florida 33433

    Ow my God how can anyone say anything negative and make false clams? Whitehall is an Excellent facility we have a Family Member their and is always treated excellent! I am always there all day long and always see their Nurses caring for those Residents with respect ! DO NOT believe false claims about Whitehall they are the best !

  • Whitehall Boca Raton Boca Raton, Florida 33433

    The staff is awfull…. You have to literally beg for care.. The nurses aids disappear and refuse to do anything and when they do they have a nasty attitude…I was amazed at the amount of injuries the patients received while staying there. Many broke bones falling out of their chairs and off their toilets…All day the bells would ring for patients needing help to go to the bathroom…People would also be stuck on the toilet for up to 45 minutes while waiting for an aid to help them get up from the toilet… I am ashamed to say that the employed people working in this rehab facility have such little regard for human life… I am rather young and it scares me to think that this is how are seniors are being treated…. It is like a house of horrors….

  • Lake View Care Center at Delray Delray Beach, Florida 33484

    The majority of the aides and nurses were acceptable. One did leave my mother in the bathroom for 45 minutes while she changed linens in another room; she said that she forgot her. Another aide left my mother's food on the tray at the edge of the bed, but my mother was in a wheelchair and couldn't reach the tray.

    The facility is very poorly run. When you need something, you are sent from office to desk and from desk to office to no avail. I found one nurse (I remember that her name sounded Elethia). She tried to be of assistance to me.

    The facility was not clean, and the food was horrible. Honestly, I would probably put my worst enemy there. Then, I'd know they would suffer accordingly.

    My mother was released to her home on a Wednesday, and she passed away on Thursday. Somehow, I don't think she was ready to go home.

  • Chatsworth at Pga National Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418

    I am a therapist: I brought my father to Chatsworth after he had a CVA/stroke.

    I was encouraged to go here because this company was forward thinking enough to purchase excellent equipment. I was very dissapointed with the quality of RPT supervision, the complete lack of continued plan modification and 0 communication after multiple attempt for DOR and Administrator.

    Weekend therapy was doing group treatment on my Medicare payor Father.

    He was discharged before meeting his functional potential. Food at Chatsworth was great though. Unfortunately gorgeous "nursing home"We admitted him to Gardens court of life Care that did an excellent job. This is a rehab center

  • Whitehall Boca Raton Boca Raton, Florida 33433

    This place is dangerous to seniors. Our dad had a stroke and ended up here for rehab and he was not treated well at all. Things started out okay, but then he got sick over a weekend. I called the nurses station and told them something was wrong with my dad and they did NOTHING. Then, on Monday he coded and they rushed him to the hospital where we were told he had a UTI and a pneumonia. Plus, he had a seizure, and possibly another stroke. After a few days he was returned to Whitehall and things went from bad to worse. My dad was angry and afraid so he struck a nurse - could you blame him after what had occurred? He is 80 though, and could not do much harm. Still they proceeded to drug him with antipsychotics and he became a vegetable and could barely speak. We complained, but that fell on deaf ears. My siblings and I live out of state so we were forced to hire a local care manager who went in and assessed the situation and she was so mortified that she insisted we get our father out of Whitehall as soon as possible. She also insisted they take our dad off the unnecessary drugs that had him in a complete stupor. We lost valuable post-stroke time because he regressed dramatically while being drugged. We found a local assisted living home nearby and have had none of the problems that existed at Whitehall, and thankfully our dad is now safe and can resume the therapy he needs. If you are considering this facility, make sure you can spend every moment with your loved one. Do not risk leaving an elderly person in their care unless you can be there constantly.