Review of Anchor Care and Rehabilitation Center

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Overall very caring staff and they try to engage the patients. Lots of activities for the residents to join, my mother said the food is good. However somehow my mother was not bathed in 2 weeks, she was not put in the bath schedule and I could not find the person who would take the responsibility to do this, so I kept asking every one I saw who worked there until she got a bath. It seems she is on the schedule again. My mother should have spoken up, but she said she kept forgetting. She ended up with a rash, but with proper cleaning it will heal and the staff seems to care.

Replies to This Review

Thank you for your comments. All residents are assisted with washing up at least twice daily. We also maintain a schedule for residents to receive a full bath or shower twice weekly or more frequently if they so choose. We appreciate your feedback, and as a result we were able to improve our process for ensuring all residents receive showers in a timely manner. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further concerns.


The Care Team at Anchor Care and Rehab