Review of Solaris Healthcare Palatka

4 Star User Review

The main complaint I have is that on the resident part of the facility the rooms are not large enough to accommodate double occupancy comfortably. I don't feel like the rooms were originally intended for two residents and it occurs to me that profit requirements created the monster that is actually disrespectful to the residence and gives the impression of being a space to wait for your maker instead of a place for residents to interact with one another.

My second complaint would be food service. Food service often seems to get stuck in a rut serving the same basic items over and over. I have witnessed residents asking for a salad and being told they had run out then another resident would receive a salad or ask for a PBJ because they didn't like what was on the menu and told they would have to wait till they were finished serving. Some of these things may be considered necessary in order to save on cost but however small these things seem they are disrespectful.

How ever negative this may appear I am happy with the overall care my Mom receives at Health Services of Palatka. RMJ