Review of Adventhealth Care Center Orlando North

5 Star User Review

I have been a patient at Courtland twice now and highly reccomend it to anyone that needs excellent care. I was transferred from FH-S to the skilled nursing wing and I was immediately hooked back up to all necessary machines. As I am obese, I knew this could be a problem (several declined to take me based on weight, not on the basis of taking care of myself) so was expecting stares and comments. NOT A ONE!! The complete nursing staff accepted me without reservations and I believe they were actually amazed at my mobility. I have been vegetarian my entire life (caused a problem at another facility) and they accomodated my crazy diet including veggies my themselves (nothing mixed). I didn't want physical therapy due to my innate fear of falling, but that department worked within my fears and encouraged me to walk longer distances with my walker. The group physical therapy was exciting and challenging. Spiritual counsel is available, as well as, a therapist that you can talk with. All in all, I felt safe at Courtland and truly miss the companionship -- but being at home is BEST!! Thanks, for the great care!