Review of Hunters Creek Nursing and Rehab Center

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My dad was at this place and the second day my step mother told me that after she went home to shower and came back, she found my dad on the floor IN FRONT OF THE NURSE'S STATION and it was like he was not there. No one came to his aid, they just left him there. Apparently, a nurse's aide had placed my dad in a wheelchair and he fell. My step mother was told that he had been on the floor for 45 minutes without anyone helping him. When my step mother came she had to lift him up and clean him. He had feces and urine all over him. I would NOT recommend this hell hole to anyone. Take your loved one to a place where he/she will not be treated like an animal and will be treated with the dignity we all deserve.

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That is a lie. That nursing home would NEVER have someone fall and not pick them up. Be honest when writing reviews and stop being dramatic!!!!

I just simply cant beleive this. I have been to this facility many times and highly reccomen this very professional health care team to anyone. This is a clean, caring and well managed short-term rehab facility with this highest standards for care.