Review of Westminster Towers

1 Star User Review

Westminster towers is an abysmal institution. Do not place your loved one(s) in the care of this money hungry institution. Without elaborating, my father paid an enormous sum to 'get into' this place. After a series of setbacks, my father was placed in assisted living and was abused, mis-treated and denegrated to a mere shell of himself. As a retired doctor, my father was given less than accomodating care. He was essentially treated as a third world refugee and in the end this caused his sad and un-necessary death in May 2011. Reast in peace dad. You gave Orlando many years of your of dedicated life and in the end, Westminster Towers treated you no better than a mutt-hound dog. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR LOVED ONES TO DIE AN UNDIGNIFIED death in this joke of a caring facility.