Review of Orlando Health and Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

My mother passed way on 8/22/14 after being in the Hospital for over a week. She came home on 8/21/14 and the morning of 8/22/14 she passed due to heart failure. She was transferred from your Orlando Health & Rehabilitation facility(had been int he facility for a little over a month as a short term patient due to a stroke) to Orlando Regional on 8/12/14 due to Kidney Failure and Pneumonia. I (her daughter) noticed that she was not well when I visited on 8/12/14 at 7:45am your staff had not noticed. She was in the bed with only a diaper and a t-shirt on. She was completely disoriented and could not talk (completely uncharacteristic of her). In addition on Sunday 8/10/14 I had notified the staff that she wasn’t doing well that she was having difficulty talking and it was brushed off as her having an “episode from the stroke”. On Monday 8/11/14 I visited my mother in the morning and found she was starting to be drowsy and couldn’t stay awake. When I asked the nurse she stated she gave her a mild pain reliever because my mother said she was in pain in Spanish. I returned later in the day around lunch time and found she was knocked out sleeping. I decided to let her sleep and come back later. In the evening she was still sleeping, I tried to wake her up she would open her eyes and fall back asleep. I spoke with the nurse on staff and asked if her medications had changed because since Sunday she had been acting odd. He said they gave her was “vicodin” which in my opinion is NOT a mild pain reliever. Tylenol or Aspirin would have been a mild pain reliever. I asked him to please not give her anymore strong pain relievers and he told me they couldn’t deny the patient a pain reliever. I asked him to call me first if they believed my mom was asking for pain reliever since the nurse in the morning said she had asked for it in Spanish. I wanted to know why and where she was having pain. Apparently it was her kidneys since she was on Tuesday taken to the hospital.

The experience at this location has not been exactly the best. Every time I would come see my mother I had to change her clothes because she had an accident and apparently some of the aids weren’t nice and they made her feel bad and dirty. It seemed you’re very understaffed and although not all of your staff is bad and apathetic the few good ones are extremely overworked.

Needless to say avoid if you can!