Review of Palm Garden of Ocala

1 Star User Review

Worst facility imaginable! The staff is uncaring and pathetic. No compassion whatsoever. The only thing they care about it is when their next break or lunch hour will be. They leave patients for hours at a time before coming to check on them let along clean them up. My grandmother was there after she broke her hip to rehab and was to be there for 4-6 weeks. She died in their facility 3 weeks later due to lack of care and concern by the nurses and staff. These people yell at the patients and the family if they are questioned about anything. They yell at the patients for no reason at all. They thrown tantrums and leave patients to fend for themselves if they make them mad. It is startling and sad. I have never seen such a mess in a facility that is to care for people who are sick and injured. What an unbelievable mistake I made and if by writing this review I can save just one family the grief we have endured then it will be worth it. Please run, do not walk, away from this facility.