Review of Madison Pointe Care Center

1 Star User Review

My mom was here a few months ago and they were not bad but now my dad is there and it is terrible. His room mate dropped his pizza on the floor and the help came in after we complained the man needed help and they just picked up the pizza and put it back on his tray for him to eat. This man needed 24/7 help. he looked like he had a stroke. I was told they don't have enough help to take care of people like him My question is why is he here if they can't help him. My dad gets PT in the Am and is left by himself in his room. Why don't they walk him in the hall so he can get stronger and go home? The place smells terrible and no one helps these poor people with their food. Some of them need help and need to be fed but they just put the tray down and leave. I pray for these poor people every night. Someone needs to go in there and not let them know they are coming and see what goes on. The staff can't help if there isn't enough help but the people who owns the place should make sure there is enough help to care for these people like they should be care for.. They take their money so give them the care coming to them.I know that I will never put anyone I know in there again.