Review of Solaris Senior Living North Naples

1 Star User Review

My mother-in-law was here in 10/2013. The care is very poor. I have worked in nursing homes. We went to visit her and, although she may make her own decisions, they had no idea where she was. They have a sign-out sheet which

only requires a date and her signature. Some friends came and took her out.

They tried to tell us a family member took her out and we are the only family nearby. There is no notation or signature of who took her out and the approximate return time. She has multiple health conditions including dementia. The staff is sloppy and defensive. The weekend supervisor had no idea of her health conditions and just stated "she can make her own decisions." That is not the point. We want to know who took her out. They do not feel they have a liability issue but she is their patient. It would be a simple procedure to have the friend sign her out and present a photo ID. We also wanted to change her room as she had an extremely loud and combative roommate. We waited for over four hours for a call and my husband finally went there. There are nursing facilities in Naples that are wonderful please if you have a choice do not put your relative here. I would not put my pet hamster here again!