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This place sucks. My mother was there and the so call Rehab Doctor never showed to see her. She got sick and he ordered antibitiocs without knowing what she had. I had to call 911 to transport my Mother to the Mercy ER.She had 103.6 Fever, with Chest Pain.

The receptionist is very rude. Never,ever again. I would file a complaint witht the State of Florida Deaprtment of Health.

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It was to late when I found that the State Inspectors were there. I Have a complaint with the State of Florida already in process against the place and Staff.

The State Inspector is at the nursing center during this week. Report it to them and make sure that you are heard. They are there from the morning to 2:00 p.m. Your mom is very lucky that you took quick action. As there are many patients there that do not have families and are ignored by the staff. The night staff mostly spend their time talking to each other and sitting down.