Review of Harmony Health Center

1 Star User Review

This place is the most disorganized there is worse than a neighborhood clinic in Cuba or Nicaragua, employees are underpaid and give them to 10 patients a day, which can not be adequately cared for, there is never enough towels or elements work, but they put them only for government inspections, nursing assistants, receive daily 3 or 4 towels, with which they have to clean up to 10 patients or more, you can imagine the quality of service given to patients I do not recommend this place to anyone, the staff always goes by overwork and low pay, which makes the service is terribly disastrous, my sister works there and is desperate to leave and there, which I strange is that nobody complains, perhaps because of fear of losing the job, but I can not resist that in this country there are places like this and no one to control them, play with the health and steal money to Medicaid or Medicare patients.

God bless you