Review of Miami Jewish Health Systems, Inc

1 Star User Review

The nurses and aides are rude and dismissive of patients. They ignore loud cries of pain and take up to an hour to answer a patient's call. They are sarcastic and belligerent to patients and family members. The care is substandard. They caused my mother worse medical problems than she initially came in with. They ultimately caused her to decline and waste away. They refused to give her medication that was on her chart. They improperly placed a foley catheter, causing trauma and infection. They over-hydrated her causing her to gain 7 pounds in one day. When they did not give her the nitroglycerine that she and my sister begged them for, my mother suffered heart problems and had to go to the hospital. We regret placing my mother in this institution and hope to save another family the pain and grief we are still experiencing.