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This nursing home was a nightmare from the start. Not only is the entire staff outsourced from other countries (you can't understand any of them), they just don't care about their residents. Island Lake was the kind of nursing home you picture in a nightmare. All the residents are sitting the hallways in wheel chairs, with tounges hanging out of their mouths, half in the chair and half out, etc. They are so short staffed on top of having rude nurses, that it takes an hour for the nurse to come see you after you ask them to. I was there for a couple hours before I was meeting with the administration and social workers to get my relative released to a different facility. The floors were filthy, the toilet was falling apart in the bathroom, they refused to get patients dressed for breakfast, a friend of my relatives was there and he hadn't been given his meds for a few nights.

On top of all of the above, anytime you asked a nurse a question, and it could be as simple as "Do you have a comforter for the bed" they responded with, "I don't know, I will have to ask my supervisor" and then they never ask their supervisor. Family members are not allowed to spend the night, and unfortunantley my relative had to stay the night before the doctor would sign a release form. I called to check on him and the nurses would yell at me for calling, hang up on me, etc.

This is not a place to send a loved one. In fact, I wouldn't send my worst enemy to Island lakes.This is the most careless work I have ever seen in a medical facility, and the dirtiest. STAY AWAY!!! STAY FAR AWAY!!! There is a reason they have beds available in this place!!

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That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. My loved one is a resident at Island Lake Center---it is clean, smells good, the staff (yes it is ethnically diverse) is compassionate and caring and they love their patients. My loved one has Dementia and may be one you referred to sitting in the halls. She is well cared for and safe--my family cannot care for her ourselves anymore. We appreciate the staff and the cleanliness of the building.