Review of Life Care Center of Citrus County

5 Star User Review

My father has been at this rehab center for 2 weeks. He is a "difficult patient". The day after he arrived, he told me that if I did not take him home, he was going to call the police to get out of there. He complained that he needed to be close to the bathroom, his TV had no remote, he didn't get vaseline to his legs three times per day, the physical therapist was not paying attention (she asked him to lift the weight 20 times and didn't sop him before he got to 30), etc…He did acknowledge that his nurses and patient care assistants were very nice. I proceeded to bring all his concerns to the attention of the staff. They were very helpful and accommodating. They made sure to correct every issue to my fathers satisfaction. He was very happy thereafter, and stayed to complete the rehabilitation therapy he needed. I have been a nurse for 35 years and have seen a lot. This facility has a wonderful group of caring people. Every single employee that I came upon was a joy. I commend and highly recommend this facility for your loved one. Just let them know what you need and they will surely try to oblige you. If they can keep my dear dad happy, they can keep anyone happy. I am confident that my fathers condition has improved so that he may resume the life he lived prior to his hospitalization. Without Lifecare, he would have needed assistance with every aspect of his normal activities of daily living. Thank you Lifecare!