Review of Signature Healthcare of Palm Beach

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This place is terrible. My mother was discharged from the hospital to rehab at this facility. The rehab staff is fine but the other staff is extremely inattentive, often making my bedridden mother wait several hours to help her to use the bathroom. She was discharged from the hosptial with a PICC line for IV antibiotics and she was there 3 days before they gave her antibiotics (after having to call them and tell them the doctor's orders). They give her blood pressure meds every other day, instead of as prescribed and now her blood pressure is running so high she must lay very still and rest. The food is terrible and not worth eating. This place should be investigated by the television news and by the state licensing authority for nursing homes. If you have a loved one who needs this type of care, please, please, please send them elsewhere!

Replies to This Review

I am the administrator at Signature HealthCARE of Palm Beach. First, let me say how sorry we are to hear about your mother’s negative experience with us. We take very seriously all concerns expressed by our patients and their families, and our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

We are glad your concerns have come to our attention. Signature HealthCARE of Palm Beach is a Four Star Facility with an on-going Quality Assurance program that enables us to review concerns such as the ones you raised. We know that we are not perfect, but we are committed to getting better every day.

We very much want to address your concerns. Would you be willing to contact us directly so that we can speak with you more fully? It sounds like there may be some things that we could learn from your mother’s experience. We look forward to hearing from you.