Review of Signature Healthcare of Palm Beach

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This place is staffed with incompetent, under qualified and down right lazy staff members. The staff will NOT call you if something happens to your loved one (even after being told on numerous occasions that they can call 24/7) - which is especially troublesome when your loved one has to call you from the hospital because no one at Signature did. Medical care is substandard - staff & doctor DOES NOT follow care instructions of patients primary doctors, changing and sometimes DOUBLING doses of medicine without need. Nasty attitudes when you call. There are, however, a small handful of exceptional staff members who enjoy their jobs and are good at what they do. Unfortunately they don't make up for the stupidity that runs this place.

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My mother has lived at Signature HealthCARE of Palm Beach for two years. She has many health problems and dementia. The care she receives has been wonderful. I am able to visit her and enjoy quality time because I know her medical needs are being taken care of.

We had the same experience. This place should be shut down.