Review of Terrace of Kissimmee, The

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I know someone that worked at this facility and as I'm reviewing facilities for my mother I wanted to add this into the mix. First off the facility is nasty as I am told that roaches are everywhere. Yes its Florida but Roaches are crawling out of sock drawers. I am told that the nurses hide form the cameras that surround the hallways and take naps at night especially. Proper notifications are not being given to family member when residents have accidents are fall so bruises are covered up and left undocumented. The residents are only being changed sometimes ones during the shift because there isn't enough supplies or linens to go around. Its not that they don't have it. I have a friend who was a RN there and she said the supply room was full. They are cutting cost and making residents suffer. The resident to CNA ratio is never right. CNAs are accused of not caring but in all reality this place doesn't treat their staff right. My friend pointed out an article of where the owner or people associated with this company was arrested for Medicare fraud in 2016. Not a place for my mom and you should think about it too.