Review of Windsor Woods Rehab and Healthcare Center

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My mother was a patient WW Rehab for 3 weeks and my father for about a week. After a fews days there, my mother's gold wedding band was stolen off her finger (appraised at $600) and my father's clothes were lost. The Director of Admissions told me that the Board would not reimburse my mother for her loss because they said it was "heresay". However, my cousin and sister can both attest to the fact that she had her ring on when admitted. The Admissions Office, for some reason, did not take an inventory of personal items upon their admission. This is deplorable and very sad.

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We had the same thing happen to us this morning. Our grandmother's ring was taken from her finger there this morning. Would like to make contact to see if there is some way we can try to resolve. They said they will bring the police in and start an investigation but we have our doubts..