Review of Sandgate Gardens Rehab and Nursing Center

2 Star User Review

Stayed 5 days after leg and wrist surgery. Staff was fantastic Every employee was attentive to your needs and would do anything to assist. The cleanliness of the patient rooms were unsatisfactory. Bathroom shared by 4 disabled patients can get very nasty and I asked numerous times on 1 day to have it cleaned to no avail. I left messages on the phone of the head of maintenance and never heard back. The floors and room were cleaned once while I was there and bathroom really cleaned only 1 time in the 5 days. I couldn't wait to get out of there. It was disgusting. Corporate came to visit one day and I thought for sure the room would be cleaned. . but only common areas were cleaned. It is a shame because the staff tried so hard to make it a good place to stay!