Review of Winkler Court

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My mother was in Winkler Court. While staying there, she broke three ribs and her hip within a ten day period. She was transported to the hospital for hip surgery. She was then sent back to Winkler Court for recovery. She was dropped on the floor the day after surgery. I heard her screaming from all the way down the hall. As I was walking into her room, two female nurses were bent over trying to get her up on the bed. They yelled, "You can't come in here !" I immediately left the room. After another five minutes or so, the nurses quickly left the room without saying a word to me. I went into mom's room and her head was at the foot of the bed. She was in tears. I tried to comfort her and then asked a nurse to get her some help. I didn't want to leave, but I realized that mom needed to rest, so I kissed her and told her that I would be there in the morning and that they were going to get her checked out right away. I trusted that they were going to get her checked out. I picked up my grand daughter to visit mom the next morning. We stopped off at my home to get a couple of things for mom. I noticed that I had missed a phone call from Winkler Court. I called them back and they said something like "Your mother passed away about an hour ago. Where do you want us to send the body? I was so shocked that couldn't even remember the name of the funeral home that my husband and father were buried. I later wrote a lengthy letter to Winkler Court to see if they took any action against these nurses that put my mom back in bed. How could they have possibly picked up a 185 pound woman that had broken ribs on one side, a broken hip on the other side that was just operated on, and a shoulder replacement that still hurt her? There was NO backboard to pick her up. I NEVER received a response. No mention of this was in her file. I just wanted some answers. I still have many sleepless nights thinking about this after all of these years.