Review of Wilton Manors Health & Rehabilitation Center

5 Star User Review

The physical therapy was the best. I stayed 2 weeks; had 5 physical therapists everyone of which were excellent. Trust me, I have been in several centers prior to this. I think from top to bottom this group excels and I have yet to see another group in the same league. I was in the "Quick Recovery" wing. Our care was also excellent but not as excellent as the physical therapy if you know can understand it was still excellent yet not in the same league as physical therapy. In most cases, I received more time from therapist than allotted by medicare. The employees were upbeat and very encouraging. Food was not good but god bless them, they tried hard. They even came to give us a personal visit. But, I was there for the therapy and that was superb.

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Lucky that's all you had. I agree with the pt tho