Review of Deltona Health Care

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This place is a death sentence. They lie by saying they are a rehab, get people there, then mistreat them, just trying to fill beds Dr. care is almost non existent. They let you know they don't have time for you, drug patients so they won't be a problem. Lost power for 2 days during Hurricane Matthew, no generators, some patients rely on machines for necessities, no decent food brought in. Cater to staff and patients who smoke, unsafe for nonsmokers outside. Rude, uncaring staff, no one will help during meal deliver and pick up, everyone is delivering food to rooms or are with patients in the cafeteria. Takes 30 minutes or more for someone to come when patient presses call button. Some staff are very good, but some are very incompetent, having to be shown by patients or family how to do simple things. If you complain, there will be consequences. These people, both the workers and upper management, need to think of how they would want to be treated if they had to rely on others to take care of them. My family member has gone down hill rapidly. I have read reviews of people dying in this place on other review sites. I hope to have my loved one out of there soon, and would never have allowed a stay there had I known how horrible it is there.

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I totally agree with you on all points. My husband is there and I am constantly on them about one thing or another. They just yes you to death but never follow through. I visit every day because I worry about his care. It is close to home I can be there in 8 minutes. I have thought of moving him to another facility, but they are all the same. I have become ill and after taking care of him for 4 years< I culd not do it any more and had to out him there. It breaks my heart they he cannot be home, because I cannot afford additional home nursing that medicaid won't pay over my allotted time.