Review of Villa Health & Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

1 star only because thy ask for a star. If you expect cleanliness, move on! If you expect timely medications, move on! If you expect management to respond to anything, move on. My mother-in-law was admitted after hospital stay. She has Parkinson's. Administering medication on time is extremely important. Within 24 hours, they had overdosed her with one med (stating orders from dr we never heard of), late on her Parkinson's meds all 2x and provided her ale medication at 5pm with her other medications to be taken with dinner. Dinner??? Oops, they forgot her. if we didn't show up all day, would they administer her meds right, on time or even feed her? Not going into detail about the feces on the shower chair in the bathroom. Run, don't question if it has changed with new ownership. It's awful!!!! One woman cece is great! Other than that, you think your mom or dad is getting care. They could careless. Btw. When food was cold, they said to use their microwave. Nurses eating food from same trays in there. So they fed themselves before they feed their patients.