Review of Belleair Health Care Center

2 Star User Review

They meet the minimum requirements for staffing. Response time is poor even with a family member in the room. They accept patients from the community and their gym is too small to accommodate both of their inpatients and outpatients. They were rehabbing patients outside in the heat on their patio. I witnessed a patient in a wheelchair who had a pulley attached to a door (to a storage closet for walkers, etc.) on 9/28/16 She was working really hard and I praised her. Then a staff member asked her to stop her rehab as the staff member had to open the door to the closet. They took the pulley down and whisked the patient away. The communication is poor between family, patient and staff members. The patients may or may not get their allotted 2 showers a week depending upon whether they have a family member to advocate. My Mother waited 30 minutes in the middle of the night for an aide to assist her to the bathroom. She asked when she was admitted for only female aides and the aide that finally came was a male. They are attempting to clean up their act since I advised I contacted an Ombudsman and will be contacting AHCA and the Department of Insurance but this will be short-lived. Do not sent your parent(s) there.