Review of Coral Trace Health Care

1 Star User Review

My father was in this facility for three months and due to mother being elderly herself I feel that things were hid from her. My father had several bedsores and due to being paraplegic he could not feel them and my mother did not know enough to ask or check. He had a urinary catheter that was placed May 17th and never changed until he was dumped at the hospital in August. He was placed in isolation at this home due to a bladder infection but no one thought to have his catheter changed. We received a call that he was being taken to the hospital and when we went to pick up some of his belongings at the home 2 hours later the nurse informed us he was discharged from there. They had boxed up his things and put them in storage. We were not contacted by any management. My father could not swallow and was still given solid food with the tray left at his bed. When I arrived in August and started complaining was when they left him at the hospital. Not pleased with this facility at all.