Review of Coral Trace Health Care

1 Star User Review


After being a resident at Coral Trace for approximately 3 weeks and leaving via EMS unconscious and with altered mental status, for several days prior as my friends and families tell me I have several serious issues with this facility. The beds are inadequate and dangerous they do not lock adequately. In addition the facility is not cleaned adequately cleaned the remote on my bed was filthy and I had to clean it myself the dirt was engrained the room token cleaned once a week with every room ate coming down with diarreah. No security my husband walked in at 2am and nne stopped him. Over medicated and the nursing staff did not properly relay myconcerns, they lied saying I was having bowel movements when none occurred and were ignoring my concerns. I wound up with an impacted bowel from not going for at least 2 weeks and contracted C-Diff. and was throwing up, fnally 5 hours later when I was unconscious was I finally transferred to a loccal hospital ICU. THERE IS A REASON IT RATES AS ONE OF THE LOWEST. Seriously none of the issues that they were cited for iin the last 3 years have been resolved. One star cause you can not rate lower..