Review of Rehab & Healthcare Center of Cape Coral

1 Star User Review

Total lack of knowledge, and many (not all) uncaring staff. When asking about different types of therapy, I was hung up on four times during being transferred. People didnt know who to ask, and then I was given wrong information on therapy, and different psych evaluations. I was told a schedule of when an evaluation could be done, then told that was wrong. The worst was when my dad needed to use the bathroom. No one wanted to help (and he has a broken hip) and when one person finally did, the nurse left him there and chatted with others, only to tell me to 'wait a minute' while she continued to chat. By the time she was done chatting (non medical chatter to a guest) we both came back to find my dad had gotten up on his own, endangering himself, because no one would come when the light was flashing, and the alarm on his chair kept going off.

No one cared.