Review of Spring Hill Health and Rehabilitation Center

2 Star User Review

I urged my wife to take rehab from here following her surgery and that was a mistake. The best, hands down best feature of Spring Hill Rehab is the Therapy staff. The show great care and interest in getting their patients back to health as quickly as possible. They take a personal interest in each patient and are very friendly and kind. They are very professional and I am happy to sing their praises. The nicest person you will meet in the entire facility is the Greeter as you enter. It all goes down hill from there.

If you are not ready to take an active interest in your own care or that of a loved one, then this place is NOT for you.

On the medical side, I found you need to ask question of what medications are being given, especially those that were routinely

used prior to admission. If you ask for anything, specialist appointments etc, follow up. You have no idea how large those cracks are things fall through. Proactive is the keyword and don't let anyone try to intimidate you. On admission you are given a packet of information stating your rights as a patient. You need to read that and if necessary stand up for yourself or your loved one.

The food is miserable. Typical hospital type food that is cooked for a large volume of people. Visit often and bring in food!

The halls or corridors have a odor of urine or feces. I never once in the two weeks I walked the halls experienced at fresh, clean or sanitary odor. The room cleaning is limited at best. Someone from housekeeping does come in but beyond changing out the small trash can contents and straightening up the tray, little else is done unless you make a request that the floor is

swept or moped.

When my wife was admitted, they automatically booked her in until the maximum day the medcare would expire. Trying to get them to change that date to an earlier one is a difficult task and every obstacle will be placed in your way to prevent it. You can read into that anything you like, but that was my experience. You also need to follow up with any home care or equipment you ask for

upon discharge.

After surgery at Oakhill, we were offered a choice of Spring Hill and another facility close by. I wish now I had done my due diligence and made some inquiries. After her release I spoke to 4 different doctors's office and not one of them had a positive word for Spring Hill Rehab. I would urge everyone to do their own homework before putting yourself or a loved one into any facility. They do not refer to this as a Nursing Home but it certainly is a close as you can get.