Review of Heron Pointe Health and Rehabilitation

1 Star User Review

If I could leave negative stars I would. This is the most dispicable place I have ever been. My mother got stuck here for nearly nine months. These nurses stink literally and God forbid you ask them to do their job they will scoff at you with their halitosis breath. One day I come in and the place is hustling and bustling and nurses are actually working and for the first time in six months I saw people in the physical therapy room. My mother then tells me she heard the nurses say outside her door "looks like we have to work for the next three days", so I look into what the hell is going on. Low and behold there was an inspection for four days. So I ofcourse let them know of the deplorable care my mother was receiving and sadly they weren't surprised. If they would give one tenth the effort of care they did those four days the place would really improve. Anyways it is nearly a year later and my mother is still trying to recover from a terrible bone infection and pressure ulcer stage four due to the lack of care at this facility. The only reason they have as many patients that they do is because all the lowlife sorry excuses for nurses put their family members there. Which is insane, I don't even think they care for those ones. I saw feces and urine on the hallway floors more times then I can count and the whole place smells like a sewer. You are better off leaving your family member on a bus bench then this place because at least there's a chance someone will care for them, and if it weren't for money and insurance we would have gotten my poor mother out of there sooner. When she finally ended up in hospital needing four pints of blood I refused to let her go back. They actually are so hard up for patients they went to her hospital and tried to get her to come back!!! The nurses hung up on me when I would call them and treated me like I was a bother even though I was respectful.! I hope our lawyer takes away all Medicaid funding from this true nightmare. All of these evil employees will burn for eternity!!! I was lied to that a case manager was working to move my mother and then I find out the case manager had walked out over a month ago and there was no replacement. All they cared about was money , they actually tried to get power of attorney over my mother through the courts to keep her forever, my mother was only 52 and of sound mind so ofcourse they failed. I could go on for hours about this place. Just please please please don't do this to someone you love not here. This place is only fit for pedophiles and people who deserve to be horribly punished