Review of Brandon Health and Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

Staff is always spread too thin, and are sent home after arriving or sent home early whenever their "census count" drops--they are obsessed with never providing one bit of care above what is minimally required by law. Then when a hall or wing is short, falls and accidents rise. Such is the greed of corporate owners. Pleasant building, though. Few expenses are spared for the surface appearances. Chandaliers and columns in the lobby; a dining room that looks good from the doorway during tours but food kept to minimal quality and quantity, and tables not designed for the comfort of wheelchair-bound residents. And so on. Some good core caring people on staff long term, but turnover is so great there are always ups and downs…one good day, with good caregivers, the next day or weekend, and not a familiar face to be seen hardly, and a terrifying lack of personal knowledge about the residents amongst the fill-in staff. Probably a better facility than most these days, but that's not saying much. Too much profit, too little care.