Review of Barrington Terrace of Boynton Beach

1 Star User Review

THIS PLACE SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!! IT DOESN'T EVEN DESERVE 1 STAR!!!… The Board of Elder Affairs, the Board of Health, Medicare should reexamine this dump…… mom was there for 8 months .. she almost died due to lack of proper medication, poor food…ended up in hospital and rehab for a month….. the staff is third world " don't give a damn" types, the place stinks of urine, there are no activities for residents, most of whom are hanging off their wheel chairs in the living room( which should be called the" room of the living dead") . Mom, is fine now and in a wonderful ALF in another state. Be very cautious…a lot of these places are warehouses!!!! And they will cost plenty .This rat hole was $3100 per month .