Review of Boynton Beach Rehabilitation Center

5 Star User Review

I must share because as I read these reviews my heart breaks for the patients and the staff because of all the negative statements made. My father is a long term patient there and I have seen nothing but loving, caring people. Its not easy to put your father in a home like this. Yes the staff is not perfect but the administrators door is always open and more than willing to solve your problems if you let him know. There are many places I visted before placing him there and from what I could see the place was clean the staff was friendly and they made the transition for my father very easy. My mother was there also and passed away at 96 years young. With the help from the social workers to the nurses I was able to get through the days once my mother passed away. I visit my father at least once a month because I live in New York and no matter what time of day I come in the patients are happy and the staff welcomes me with open arms. I would advice you to visit the homes in the area and I would garentee this is the BEST!!