Review of Avante at Boca Raton, Inc.

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Never leave your love ones in this place!! My mother has been there a little over 3 months. I just went down to visit her due to me living out of states. I walked in 8:30am to see my mother laying in her own urine and feces! she was soaked threw to the mattress! the feces had to have been on her alll night because it went up her back and was dried around the edges! I went to speak to the director, which was of no help because low and behold 9:41pm she was soaked again with feces and urine! the nurses was told to wash my mother up. well the nurse started speaking in French! what they didn't know was my friend spoke french. they were saying they didn't know who we thought we were but they weren't doing anything, it was almost time for them to get off!! My friend reply to them in french. yes you are almost time to get off isn't off! So at that time they got my mom out of bed , but expected for us to wash her they didn't clean the soiled sheet or anything. this to was reported but my that point I was done! My mother is a stroke victim and has lost her ability to speak and can't move her right side no one should have to live this way!! she also had to go back to the hospital due to a horrible UTI! Hmm I wonder were that came from!!