Review of Encore at Boca Raton Rehabilitation and Nursing Continuing Education

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I have just been reading some of the reviews about Whitehall. My mother had Parkinson's and I was her caregiver, She had to go into rehab on four different occasions. I chose Whitehall for her for two of those 4-6 week stays. I did not have much experience with assisted living facilities at the time and I chose Whitehall which has a nice cosmetic appearance. My biggest complaint is with the distribution of medication. She broke one hip and within 6 months the other. It was written on her chart that she had dementia and the staff knew that they would take their word over a frail elderly women with dementia. As her caregiver and daughter, I know that she knew when and what medications were given to her. The staff at Whitehall would not give her pain medication. She was lucid enough to know when she was given her pain medication. I would have to show up there at least three times a day to make sure she received her medication and got proper care. I do not know if the staff was using the pain medication or selling it, but there is a definite denial and misuse of narcotics there. I thought I would get a little break by putting her in Whitehall, but I ended up not being able to relax at all for both her stays at Whitehall. In retrospect I wish I would have known to read reviews like this and would and do make better choices in my family members care. Besides leaving my mother sit in extreme pain until I could get there and watch them give her medication, I had to physically be there to get the staff to do anything for her. I was fortunate that I did not work and could be there around the clock to assist her. My mother was very mild and sweet and because of her gentle nature was taken advantage of tremendously. There was also a problem with them continuously billing me after her stays and would not deal with the insurance companies requests. This was a tremendous burden on me and my health. My mom has passed and I am now caregiver to all my elderly family as I know how to make the better choices for their care. Hopefully this problem doesn't happen to you and your loved ones. .