Review of Encore at Boca Raton Rehabilitation and Nursing Continuing Education

1 Star User Review

My mother was admitted there for physical rehabilitation. On the first night she asked for help to use the bathroom. She was told to wait until morning. She slept in a chair all night at her bedside to avoid having to sleep in her own urine

She takes numerous medications. She knows when she does not get Her medications properly. The staff has said they are " to busy" to get her meds. When she contacted the supervisory staff they said she should just leave the facility as she won't be happy there. All fluff and appearance… A poor culture for caring that comes from the top. They would rather retaliate against a vulnerable senior than address the concerns. They say contact us for problems but if you do they ask you to leave. They were contacted 2x in my moms first week. No help to the bathroom first night. Incorrect administering of medicines on day 5. After that they told her to leave…. The owner and executive director himself. I'm an MD…. It is amazing how my mother was treated and dehumanized from the first night. 0 stars