Review of Regents Park Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

4 Star User Review

I did not rate at 5 stars because that would be perfection. For the most part the staff is attentive and empathetic. If there is an issue they are quick to address, investigate and attempt resolution. Not everyone has a smile on their face but again most say hello and will converse if you engage in connversation. Perhaps because English is a 2nd language for many of the aides they find it intimidating. There was a miscommunication with one of the aides but she did apologize to mother. The food is satisfactory and the made to order breakfasts are the best. Mother said she feels as if she is dining with friends and the staff assistance in the dining room is outstanding. They have their managers taking orders at the table, omelettes are made to order and the managers then serve. What a great concept. Rehab is outstanding with such a competant group of therapists. They have expanded their rehab space, have an area for training to return home including a home-like shower area dedicated to rehab patients only. They also have a new area for home training that includes a washer, dryer and area for folding laundry, again dedicated for home training with the patient and their therapist. Mother is happy with Regents Park and so are we.