Review of Adventhealth Care Center Apopka South

3 Star User Review

My name is Carolyn and my mom was brought to family living nursing center from the hospital. My mom Juanita was gonna get fisical therapy. Which she never got fisical therapy. All they did have her day and night drug up and sleeping all day and night. Also my mom is incontinent she's unable to use the rest room on her own.she was always dirty in pee and mom also had a fall which I was not inform about it didn't get a call to let me know she fell. didn't even send her to the hospital.when I got there she had a fever. Which I notice and they didn't give her anything for the fever. Worst place ever for any elderly. Also the worst treatment toward the elderly. This place should be put down for neglect and poor treatment and poor house keeping the worst smell in this place really really bad. They also lied try to cover there mistake. Bad bad place