Review of United Medical Nursing Home

3 Star User Review

I was not happy with the care of my mother. Her room wasn't clean, the dirt was built up around the walls in her room. The front office staff wasn't responsive to the needs of my mother and other patient as well. The majority of patients complained about the food. They received chicken cooked differnt ways 5 time out of 7 days a week. Patient that were not able to ambulate well set strapped in their chair unattended. On patient was blind, plate was set in front of her and they didn't ensure she was able to feed herself because she didn't fully understand how to manuver now that she was blind. There was 1 or 2 CNA staff that worked hard. Unfortuatnately they couldn't complete the 24 hour shift. My mother doctor informed me that he wasn't aware of her sleeping continuously prior to her discharge. I would've of thought that something as serious as that would've been documented in her files. They are not qualified enough to care for my mother again!! Our Family will search for another facility if ever she need long term care again! I truly rate this facility as a 3.