Review of Cadia Rehabilitation Pike Creek

1 Star User Review

I am not familiar with the entire facility, however I am very familiar with the long term care portion of Cadia Rehabilitation in the Pike Creek area. Do NOT send yourself or family members who you care about here. The CNAs (Certified nursing assistants) who deal with the patients from day to day are HORRIBLE and I have seen it first hand. I would say most of the actual nurses here are pretty good, however it is the nursing AIDS that deal with the patients first hand and I am EXTREMELY saddened and disappointed with these people. They are RUDE, and it baffles me as to why they have these jobs in the first place if they don't truley want to help and aid others. They are completely disrespectful to the patients. If the patient needs something the very often ignore, or say they are on a break or at lunch. Then the patient is stuck for hours without being helped. They gossip about coworkers and other patients in the facility in front of patients and family. It truley saddens me and I would NEVER send anyone I love to be taken care of here because the long term patients are treated very badly.