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  • Apple Rehab Mystic Mystic, Connecticut 06355

    I'll give you the good first; The staff (so far 3 wks) seems nice.

    Location great.

    Now for the facility…completely and utterly TIRED! The wallpaper, the paint…the carpeting (major ew)…the furniture. I will bet the last time they did anything was 1995…if that!

    You know Brian Foley (who now gives the Irish a bad name) the owner is raking in the bucks…hand over fist…and yet he isn't compelled to make the surroundings for our loved ones…warm and inviting.

    Oh and the food? SCARY!

    I think it's rude to be making millions and not giving a crap what your facilities look like!

  • Three Rivers Norwich, Connecticut 06360

    Do not send your worst enemy to this facility!!! There are some good people that provide great service, are friendly, and caring, who work there. However, the over all quality of care is beyond poor! This is like the Terror Dome, but in this case a person comes in but might not come out!! It makes me wonder how many people die in this place due to neglect? Thankfully my mom got out of there, went home and later died in a place that was more respectable and she and our family felt well taken care of; thank you Apple of Old Saybrook!! Even though this facility was not close to us it was worth the travel; this is an instance it was well worth the inconvenience!!

    Meds were not correctly given, to my mom, her wound care treatments were not followed as per the doctors ordered, and she was not taught how to use her neb breathing treatments which were new to her prior to her being discharged, even though I asked several times to different floor nurses and nursing supervisors, including the DNS!! Thankfully the home nursing services that were set up for her through Masonicare were great on picking up where this place dropped the ball!

    The food was hit or miss, during the weekdays my mother liked the food but typically the food on the weekends or the holidays that she was there the food was often not very good! The guy who runs the kitchen was very nice, and listened to our concerns and tried to fix the problems. I often brought in dinner for my mom so she would eat dinner.

    The place was dirty and dingy!! The shower room was nasty and my mom didn't want to take her weekly, yes I said weekly shower in it. The place often smells like urine and excrement!!!!!! Interestingly enough in these day and ages, they allow the patients to smoke outside and the staff to smoke outside. All of the hospitals that I have taken my mother to don't even allow smoking on the premises, none the less outside next to the building!! The Surgeon General has even spoken out about the dangers of second hand smoke, and my mom was at a health care facility where the staff either is smoking and or taking patients out to smoke then they were providing her care even though she had COPD and pulmonary issues!!! Go figure! This place is so far behind in the time of providing healthcare services, they probably still do blood letting, use leaches, and use mercury to treat people!!

    Some of the staff were outstanding in providing care others were outright thugs!!Some people were polite, caring, and attentive to my mom and other patients; they were true medical professionals and I love them for it!! when things were not going well it seemed like it was also associated with the nursing staff being low, or people taking people out to smoke, or I heard she will be back in a few minutes she's out smoking, which happened throughout the entire shift.

    These people must get a lot of paid breaks in order to take that many smoking breaks. When the house keeping staff was short staffed you could rely tell, because the place smelled worse than usual and the bathroom would be nasty, or the trash would be full. Lastly, my feet always were sticking to floor when I would go there and no one I asked could ever explain why, it was like someone had spilled some soda on the floor and the had only wiped up the spill but didn't mop it up with some water!!

    However, I often heard staff talking poorly about other staff, the nursing home, management, the people who lived there, the patients and the patients family members right there at the nurses station and in the halls. The would complain about the patients and say out loud " I can't wait for Mrs. or Mr. such and such to leave, or why haven't they left or why are they hear, they are just a drug addict and don't belong here."

    People were very loud, and my mom found it hard to sleep at night, because of how loud staff was and because patient are allowed to have their TV's on all night!!! Many of the nursing staff curse a lot, and talk about inappropriate subjects on the floor. I even seen where a nurse was yelling at another woman staff person about the people they were having admitted and why certain people where in a particular room.

    Some of the other patients were great people and me and my mother got to know them and their families over the 3 months my mom was there and they even attended her funeral and we have attended the funeral of their loved ones as well. However, a lot of the patients they have there are a bunch of homeless, alcoholics and druggies, or they are peoeple who I recognize from the state hospital from when I worked there. This is the island of misfit toys for patients! I seen people there that I thought had no reason for being there and on occasion I would talk with them about why they were there and some of them said they had no other place to go or stay and were waiting for some program from the state that will help them find a place to live after being there for 6 months.My issue is not that these people shouldn't be there, the issue is that these are the majority of the people that are there and this place can't take care this many people with these kind of issues and still take care of people like my mom at the same time, because of all of the behavioral problems these people have.

    Unless you hate your parents and want to get even with them for being abusive to you as a child, then don't send anyone you care about to this place!!!!! Just look at their rating and the deficiencies they with the state. I didn't know about the ability to see this information until someone from DSS told me about it. So, before you ever send anyone you care about to a nursing home go to the Ct dept. of Health web site and they have a link that you can follow that will show you the deficiencies and ratings of a specific nursing home!!

  • Harbor Village North Health and Rehabilitation Cen New London, Connecticut 06320

    My mom was a patient at Crossings East a few times. Every time she needed rehab, she wanted to go to East campus. She loved the staff and they genuinly loved her as well. It was evident in the care she recieved and they were always glad to see her when she came back. The rehab department worked hard to make sure she was able to get on her feet and get home. And she liked the food there too, which is saying alot because my mom was a picky eater. When my mom became terminally ill, we decided to stick with Crossings East for end of life care. It was during this short time, that we ( the family) really saw the integrity and compassion and caring that the staff gave to her and to us. My family is big.. and scattered throughout the country. And they all came to be with her and we were able to be there with her until the end. The nursing staff checked on her and gave her care every hour, checked on us, and kept us updated on all changes, and the kitchen staff fed us but the most wonderful thing to see was her caregivers and staff she considered friends come in and sit with her, hold her hand, talk to her and spend a little time with her before it was time for her to go.. You never forget care like that. It made a very difficult time a lot easier to bear.

  • Harbor Village South Health and Rehabilitation Cen New London, Connecticut 06320

    Dad is 87, suffers from dementia and has been at Crossings for about 3 months now. He seems happy, he has adjusted well to his new home. The staff is attentive to his needs, his care and hygine. Most of the staff now seem to be his friends, not just his care providers. They work to involve him in activities to keep him focused. He enjoys his meals and has not looked as good as he does right now in years. My thanks to the entire staff for taking care of my dad the way you do!

    Paul Green

  • Apple Rehab Colchester Colchester, Connecticut 06415

    After walking into Apple Rehab of Colchester at night and walking down the hall. I spoke to a nurse that showed me the Therapy Room. It has all the equipment needed for PT and OT.

    The hallways are carpeted, the carpet is worn down and looks dirty.

    There are 2 private rooms and the rest are 2 patient rooms (shared).

    I would not put my father in there and chose another place with a private room.

  • Bride Brook Health & Rehabilitation Center Niantic, Connecticut 06357

    Please make Bridebrook your LAST RESORT!

    My Grandmother had a lengthy stay at Bridebrook last year. This is the second time attending this rehab facility for her. The first time, which was many years prior, she had a so-so experience (not good, but not awful). During her second stay, her experience was horrific. I'm going to go into some detail, and will list the ridiculous happenings within this facility. Keep in mind that my Grandmother is a very petite, kind and soft-spoken woman. She is in no way difficult and rarely speaks her mind. She's very 'go with the flow'. In no way should a patient's attitude affect the type of care that they receive, but she has always been an easy patient (at home or away). Please take into consideration the issues that I have listed below, before you or your loved one attend this rehab facility:

    1. My Grandmother was on a strict 'gluten-free' diet (orders give by her doctor). Was this simple instruction followed? Not at all. For over three months, my Grandmother was served the incorrect diet every single day. I wish this was a stretch of the truth. My family (and I) was able to visit her daily, and witnessed the meals she was served. We eventually had to resort to making food at home for her, and taking it to Bridebrook to her directly. If we left this food in the Bridebrook fridge, it was eaten by the nurses, despite the fact we had our Grandmother's name and room number in large writing on the containers. We had multiple meetings with the nursing staff as well as the head nurse to discuss this major concern - they reassured us that her gluten free diet would be followed, but unfortunately nothing changed.

    2. My Grandmother was on many different medications, and had to take one of these medications in the middle of the night. One of the night nurses didn't appreciate the fact that it took my Grandmother a minute or so to wake up and become coherent enough to sit up and swallow pills. So, my Grandmother was regularly screamed at and handled very roughly in the middle of the night when this nurse was on duty. Careful - if you don't wake up quickly enough at 2:00 am, the nurses may shove you upright and yell at you. Keep in mind, my Grandmother was getting over a very severe bone break, and has incredibly brittle bones, so being yelled at and handled roughly didn't do much for her health. After a month of this, my Grandmother finally spoke up to the family - we complained to the head nurse and nothing changed.

    3. My Grandmother was supposed to attend regular physical and occupational therapy throughout the week. After she was brought into the therapy rooms, she was regularly forgotten about, and would sit in the room alone until someone remembered her. Did she then have her therapy session? No, she would be wheeled back to her room.

    4. As I said earlier, my Grandmother took various medications throughout the day. Some of these pills were especially large, and she was having a tough time swallowing them. She asked if there were smaller pills of those particular medications that she could take? Rather than looking into this question, the nurses decided to start crushing her pills and mixing these pills in with food. Yes, they informed her that they were doing this, but they failed to research or inquire with a head nurse or a doctor if these pills COULD be crushed. She was beginning to get mysterious stomach pains, to the point where she was doubled over in her wheel chair in pain, couldn't sleep at night and lost her appetite. After this went on for a while, my family spoke up and asked the nurses why this was all of a sudden happening… They brushed us off and kept telling us that they would look into these 'mysterious pains'. They never did. We then did our own research, and thought perhaps the pills that they were now crushing should not be crushed…? It turned out we were correct, and these pills were supposed to be time released, rather than released immediately into her system. After explaining this to the nursing staff, they stopped crushing the pills, began giving her smaller pills of that same medication, and her mysterious stomach pain then went away.

    5. While having these awful stomach pains, the nursing staff though that perhaps my Grandmother was constipated… So, rather than asking questions or referring my Grandmother's pain issues to a doctor, they made the decision to give her laxatives. They overlooked the fact that she had lost her appetite and had been having diarrhea regularly - and, most importantly, had overlooked the major fact that the way her medication was administered had changed. In conclusion, because of their ignorance and laziness, my Grandmother lost a great deal of weight and became very sick. This facility continued to add on further issues to the one issue she initially went there to repair - a broken bone.

    6. My Grandmother also became sick with a severe cold while she was at Bridebrook. I'm sure this happens in any facility, but after we requested that she have an inhaler to help with her breathing, it took OVER A WEEK to get it. We explained that her doctor regularly puts her on an inhaler when she gets a cold, due to her weak lungs. After my Grandmother complained after seven days of not receiving the inhaler (after they told us we would have it the following day of requesting it), we called her doctor, and found that Bridebrook had never called to order the inhaler. We called it in for my Grandmother and she finally got it.

    On an unrelated note, during my Grandmother's stay, multiple women from the nursing staff were arrested for taking the patient's prescription medication and 'spiking' each other's drinks while on duty at Bridebrook.

    The one nice thing I have to say about this place, is that there was a very nice man who bathed my Grandmother regularly. He was extremely nice, and took the time to speak with her and treat her like a human being.

    Otherwise, this facility should be shut down. My family complained to a company who handles general complaints about rehab facilities such as Bridebrook, but I don't know how effective this is.

    The main points that I highlighted are just the major issues. There were dozens of other issues (my Grandmother hated fish, but was served fish regularly, items of hers were stolen -i.e. rosary beads, clothing, candy-, Bridebrook hired an ambulance service to transport my Grandmother to her doctors appointments after telling us that her insurance would cover it, when in actuality insurance did not and we were left with extremely expensive ambulance bills when we could have transported her ourselves, etc.)

    Bottom line is, my Grandmother left this facility with a somewhat healed bone, but overall in worse health than before. Please, do not go here. It's not as if my Grandmother had a few bad incidents throughout the months that she stayed at this facility - the awful experiences were daily. I can't imagine the type of care the patient's receive who don't have a family that can visit every few hours each day. We were my Grandmother's voice, and fought for her to be treated well. That's all that we wanted - quality care. Not one day did she receive this.

  • Beechwood New London, Connecticut 06320

    I stayed at Beechwood for rehab after back surgery. I was very impressed with their rehab program. They had the patients down at physical therapy twice a day, however their medication distribution system was extremely bad. They didn't just go down the hall and distribute meds, they passed them out by whom ever rang their call bell first! This was ridiculous - twice I didn't get my meds until just before they came to get me for rehab. Needless to say the first time, I was in alot of pain during PT. The second time I refused to go to PT until the meds kicked in! I finally learned to start ringing my bell at 7am to get my meds on time. This is a ridiculous way to pass out meds!

  • Three Rivers Norwich, Connecticut 06360

    THE WORST!!!!!!!!! If you care about your loved ones do not let them stay here. They dope up their patients and leave them in the hallways like mental patients. They don't bath them either. My loved one was bathed maybe once every 3 or 4 weeks as it turned out. The staff there are a joke. I'm not even sure why this place is still even open. I spoke with other patients who were living there and was also told that they felt uncomfortable there and that I should take my relative out.

    This place is absolutely disgusting! The stat of Connecticut needs to really start cracking down on care. It breaks my heart to think that people are being treated to poorly and no one does anything about it. This doesn't deserve a single star. I am appalled!

  • Bride Brook Health & Rehabilitation Center Niantic, Connecticut 06357

    My mother stayed at Bride Brook after being hospitalized with a heart condition. I would definitely recommend this place to others and my mother would as well. The staff was wonderful. The therapy at Bride Brook is excellent and all the therapists are very kind and seem to truly enjoy what they do. My mother actually said she enjoyed going to the gym which was a first! She went home in better shape than before going to the hospital. My mother's nurses were very kind and helpful as well. Great place, great people.

  • Bride Brook Health & Rehabilitation Center Niantic, Connecticut 06357

    My father was in Bride Brook last year for 2 months and we found the staff very professional and caring. The staff was excellent and tried in many ways to make my dad as comfortable as possible and the rehab was terriffic, as were the professional team they had for rehab. The guys and gals there were excellent.

  • Bride Brook Health & Rehabilitation Center Niantic, Connecticut 06357

    The food was horrible. Cold,tastless and nonedible. I had items stolen from money to food. My family would bring in food and have staff refuse to heat up due to orders from the Administer. If this is a 5star facility I can not imagine what a 1 star faciility could be. I would never consider returning to this rodent infested facility nor would I recommend it to anyone else to go or placed a loved one.