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  • Regalcare at West Haven West Haven, Connecticut 06516

    This building is dirty, unkempt, extremely unprofessional and they are also very racist!! The DIRECTOR OF NURSING is rude. He hung up in my face. The administration staff walk away from you while you are talking. They are rude and have no respect for staff/residents/humanity!!!! Customer service sucks and I would never bring my loved one here. The reviews tell it all!!! Terrible service!! The worst!! Regal Care Of West Haven is a sorry excuse for a nursing home and I can only imagine the care they provide when family is not present!! Run away fast!! 11/14/18.

  • Grimes Center New Haven, Connecticut 06511

    I spent almost three months in Grimes,following an accident in which my neck and back suffered breaks.

    The admission process was a bit spotty, and my initial care seemed to be as well, depending on what shift and who was on.

    Although it did help that I had family members who were actively advocating for me as well as me advocating for myself….My care did not really improve substantially until I complained, and also was better able to physically gain some level of independence. Saying that…There are some tremendously caring staff…On the fourth floor, nurse Janice, CNA's Janet and Nadia, and the entire physical rehab department were exceptional in their care. The food service department tried to work with me regarding my diet, and the social worker helped me with some paperwork I needed assistance with. I only had one very negative experience with one CNA, who was downright bullying and rough, who I immediately reported the next day. (She should not be working with any creature who needs kindness or assistance!) Of area nursing homes, this is still one of the better ones…and I would still recommend it for care if needed. My one suggestion would be to BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE or have someone to assist you with this.

  • Advanced Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation New Haven, Connecticut 06519

    It would Not be 1 star but had to, I can tell you stories that would turn your Stomach!! All I ask is why??????? Am i BLOCKED from facebook? Truth Hurt,

    There are 2 of mine there,and Boom!,BLOCKED!? Waiting to see how long till Google is Shut Off,Ill be Back! One to start,Seems the St. Of CT. Doesn't think that a Rodent Infested building for 5 MONTHS is NOT Important,,Ill Ask?

  • Quinnipac Valley Center Wallingford, Connecticut 06492

    2 years ago when my mother was first put into this nursing home it was fine the nurses kept me updated and kept her busy. I was always informed of any issues immediately. However since they have changed names and been bought out the new nurses are not keeping in contact with me, I have been waiting over 2 weeks for an APRN to call me back regarding my mothers ultrasound this is extremely unacceptable and I plan on making a formal complaint against this facility. When Sally worked there she kept me updated constantly. My mother is in pain and not getting out of bed and no one has contacted me. I am extremely upset. Good luck if you chose this facility it may be time I move my mother!

  • Montowese Health & Rehabilitation Center North Haven, Connecticut 06473

    Our experience at Montowese was Wonderful, and my family and I will be forever greatful. My Aunt stayed there 4 weeks after complicated stomach surgery Aug /Sept.2015. All the Nursing staff on the second floor were quite attentive and very caring, The CNA's answered her call bell timely and treated her kindly. The Nurses were excellent and made sure my aunt's pain was managed well. Her Nurse always explained to her about her medications so she knew what she was taking. The wound care nurse followed her closely and her wound healed without complication. The secretary at the desk was great. She helped us with doctor appointments and transportation. Thank You, Her physical and occupational therapy helped her get back on her feet again and regain her strength. The Discharge Nurse set up my Aunt with a visiting nurse and ordered equipment for her apartment. Recreation had 2 activities daily. The place is clean and bright, Food was good and the kitchen always accomodated my aunt with her "picky" appetite. My Aunts roomate told us she this was her 4th stay here and Montowese is the only place she'd go. We AGREE!!! We will recommend Montowese highly and return if ever the need arises A++++ Thank You again, All of you

  • Montowese Health & Rehabilitation Center North Haven, Connecticut 06473

    The Montowese Health and Rehabilitation Center in North Haven, CT. website boasts:

    “Our First Priority…Is You.” “Your Recovery Is Our Specialty.”

    I am compelled to write this review of the Montowese Rehabilitation Center because I am appalled at the substandard care my good friend and next door neighbor received while a patient there and to warn others to take heed.

    For several years, I worked at Yale New Haven Hospital in the Emergency Department. The staff and patient care delivered at Yale is of the highest professional standard. Everything that Yale New Haven Hospital patient care is, Montowese Rehab patient care is not.

    My neighbor was transferred to Montowese Rehab from Yale New Haven Hospital in November 2014 following a car accident that resulted in a broken leg. Without daily visits from my wife and me and an urgent telephone call to the Medical Director, Dr. Bjorn Ringstad, I am certain that my neighbor would have died there due to inadequate care and neglect.

    His deterioration over the course of his stay was staggering and this was a man who until the car accident, was healthy, full of life, took care of all of his own needs, lived at home, and was 100% independent.

    The following is a list of observations and experiences my wife and I had while my neighbor was a patient at Montowese Rehab:

    • When his mail and other personal belongings disappeared, little concern was expressed by staff and little to no efforts were made by staff to locate these items.

    • When his dentures were lost or thrown out, never to be recovered. Again, little concern was expressed and little to no effort was made by staff to locate his dentures.

    • Frequently, no water was available to him. Oftentimes upon daily visits, an empty water bottle or empty cup sat on his bed table. I repeatedly told staff that my neighbor had a history of becoming dehydrated and that insuring that he was taking fluids was critical to his recovery.

    • Many times an open bottle of urine was on his bed table next to his food, both lunch and dinner.

    • It took three requests over the course of three days to schedule him a haircut. The third request required insistence and then watching to insure that the appointment was entered into the appointment book.

    • Daily physical therapy stopped without explanation and no one could answer why, despite numerous inquiries to numerous staff, including supervisory staff. Physical therapy then mysteriously returned.

    • Throughout his entire stay, information regarding his status, what would be happening next and a short and long term plan was never thoroughly explained or discussed, despite numerous inquiries.

    • In December 2014, when I called and asked to speak to the staff person in charge of the entire facility, I was forwarded to an APRN. After speaking to this APRN for approximately 15 minutes outlining my concerns and asking questions, she still didn’t know who I was talking about.

    • On more than one occasion, when I entered my neighbor’s room for a visit, he was lying on his bed with his genitals exposed.

    • On several visits, medication was on his bed table untaken. When I inquired to staff, no one took responsibility or seemed particularly concerned.

    • Appointments were made for my neighbor to be seen by an orthopedic physician in Milford, requiring a medical chair car be scheduled for transportation. No staff took the initiative or responsibility to schedule transportation and subsequently appointments were missed.

    • When my neighbor contracted Pneumonia during his stay, he continued to lay flat on his back all day, despite best medical practice that he be sitting up to support his breathing. When I asked about this, I was met with, “Oh yea, he shouldn’t be lying flat,” yet the following day he was again lying flat.

    • My entire experience with the discharge planners was contemptible. The first time I asked the discharge planner, “What is the short and long term plan for my neighbor?”, I was met with an annoyed, impatient, dismissive, rude, abrupt, and unprofessional attitude and response. At subsequent times when I telephoned the discharge planner with a question, I was told I would be called back. No return telephone calls ever came. Furthermore, I inquired about and was told by the discharge planner that Veteran benefits would be explored, as my neighbor was in the military for 24 years. No inquiry was ever made to the Veteran’s Administration and when I asked, no explanation as to why was offered. Furthermore, when the Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) nurse who had been periodically checking in on my neighbor prior to the car accident called to speak to the discharge planner regarding the discharge plan, the discharge planner hung up the telephone on her.

    • In addition, in December 2014, I was told by the discharge planner that my neighbor would be discharged and returning home by Christmas. No plan was made for his return home and so he did not return home. When I asked why this plan had changed, I was given no explanation and again no one seemed particularly concerned or took responsibility for the change.

    • Credit should be given where credit is due. Nurse Glenn Parisi was attentive, informed and professional in his care and interest of my neighbor. My wife and I thank Mr. Parisi for his efforts on behalf of my neighbor’s well-being during his stay at Montowese.

    Unfortunately and alarmingly, with the exception of a few staff, the overall depth of staff incompetence and poor attitude that I encountered at Montowese Rehab was both disturbing and cause for significant concern. With few exceptions, both floor staff and supervisory staff were minimally aware or appeared disinterested in my neighbor’s recovery or well-being while a patient there. There was a lot of “Pass the buck” or “Someone will call you” or lackadaisical attitude toward my neighbor’s needs and recovery. Ongoing and more effective oversight into Montowese’s substandard practices and lack of best practices clearly is long overdue. Read some of the other reviews online. Clearly, the above outlined poor patient care practices at Montowese Rehabilitation in North Haven are not unique to my neighbor.

    When my neighbor’s Medicaid ran out in February 2015, he was promptly discharged.

    Three weeks later he was dead.

  • Regalcare at Prospect Prospect, Connecticut 06712

    This place is hell on earth. Cheerless… ugly… Urine on the walls. Rude treatment. Nursing staff openly refused to take our relative to the bathroom right in front of us and told him to go in his "diaper". Makes you wonder how he was treated when we were not there. Drove over an hour to meet with social worker and she left the facility for a meeting at another facility, never got in contact to cancel. This place charges more for a room that is shared with three other people than most places charge for a private room in other states.

  • Regalcare at Waterbury Waterbury, Connecticut 06708

    paradigm healthcare is a place where you think your family members are supposed to get well treated taking care of and respected but instead its a dirty facility there not very clean with the patients and also they intend to loose their clothes all the time the staff is very rude and nurses are not doing there jobs properly my family member has been there for 2 months and it has been a nightmare for him I don't recommend this facility they need more training and also how to have people skills they are not professional at all .

  • Quinnipac Valley Center Wallingford, Connecticut 06492

    Terrible facility I would NEVER recommend it to anyone, CNAS are running around working short, nurses are rude. I will say the only good thing about that place was the first shift Claremont ladies, they worked together to fulfill my mothers needs. Besides that the food is disgusting I wouldn't even give it to my dog. Such a dirty environment.

  • Curtis Home St Elizabeth Center Meriden, Connecticut 06450

    My mother was recently admitted to the St. Elizabeth center as a result of her inability to care for herself. As emotional as this transition has been for both mom and our family, the staff at the Curtis Home have been outstanding in their responses to my mother's physical and mental health needs as well as our own emotional response to this family change. The facility is very clean and does not have the odor that many skilled nursing facilities have. This fact alone makes visiting her a much more enjoyable experience. And, the individualized care plan they have put in place that recognizes mom as her own person with a rich past and deserving of respect and excellent health care is also greatly appreciated. So far so good, I would highly recommend this facility.

  • Branford Hills Healthcare Center Branford, Connecticut 06405

    My parent is a patient at BHHCC and I visit everyday so I'm writing this review as an outside observer. I have been observing for about 3 months.

    The facility is bright and clean, The grounds are lovely and well maintained. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

    The staff calls me whenever they have a question or need to inform us about

    my parent.

    There seem to be many employees around to help.

    The patient rooms and the common areas are very clean and cheerful.

    My parent is always well nourished, bathed and appropriately dressed.

    There is a hair salon on site with a kind and friendly staff.

    My parent had been in two other similar facilities in the state and

    BHHCC is much better in all ways than any of the others.

    I highly recommend BHHCC and their employees.

  • Advanced Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation New Haven, Connecticut 06519

    I went to visit my aunt at advanced nursing and couldn't believe what I saw. The entire building was about 90 degrees, yes, like a sauna. When I got to her room on the second floor all I could hear were room buzzers going off, people yelling from there rooms, and about six "nurses" having a lively and oblivious conversation at desk. This place is gross in every way you can imagine, we have since removed my aunt from there and apparently so have many other families. Please stay away!

  • Quinnipac Valley Center Wallingford, Connecticut 06492

    TERRIBLE! My mother-in-law has been treated in the worst way! Dirty, visibly soiled clothing, was put away with her freshly cleaned clothing. This is not acceptable. The rehabilitation department should be ashamed of themselves! She was there for REHAB and in three months has not even taken more than three steps. This is NOT OK. We will be transferring her out of there as soon as possible!!!!

  • Quinnipac Valley Center Wallingford, Connecticut 06492

    The corporate culture in this facility is concerned primarily with providing as little care as possible and reducing liability. Nursing staff prefer inert patients that obey commands and retaliate against patients that keep them away from their TV programs. Residents are storaged in wheelchairs. This is a sad place.

  • Regalcare at West Haven West Haven, Connecticut 06516

    my mom has been at Paradigm over 1 year,all has been well .MY only problem is i wish it didn't smell so bad ,and the sweepers or whosoever cleans move the nightstand and clean all that dust that causes allergy to patients or clients.The staff is pretty; nice as far as i have seen do there job well.they show they care and are friendly.I have lost a lot of clothing in the wash at paradigm.Wish can be costly .Tagged items.Food is okay

  • Quinnipac Valley Center Wallingford, Connecticut 06492

    Terrible staff; nursing director is incompetent, arrogant. The staffing ratio is dangerous with frequent aide call outs without coverage; they work dangerously short. Acuity level is not matched with qualified nursing staff.

    Supervisors have nasty attitudes. Head for the hills; or stay at home.

  • Guilford House, The Guilford, Connecticut 06437

    The Guilford House afforded me an opportunity to enjoy one phase of my joint replacement rehabilitation. I arrived late on a Thursday evening and departed for my home phase on the Wednesday nearly two weeks later. I had a goal to attain a certain level of mobility and balance before moving on. With the help and advice of the physical therapy staff (excellent people) and the "homelike" care of the nursing staff, I was able to move quickly and leave this phase well before my scheduled departure. Amenities included special kitchen requests which complimented the high quality menu. I was treated as a guest and a patient. Everyone I met was a dedicated professional and a caring helper. Even the owner and his wife spent a great amount of time helping and doing special treats for patients. I did indeed enjoy my stay and highly recommend the facility.

  • Quinnipac Valley Center Wallingford, Connecticut 06492

    I would want to thank the CNA's it seems like the are the only ones that care. The nurse are not to friendly when it come time to help. My mom needed a pillow and I seen a nurse call her CNA to get it she had no problem doing it but that's just very rude and lazy. I would trust my mom with most of them aids they are very hard workers. Special thanks to the second shift Claremont CNAs. Thanks Mr.young

  • Quinnipac Valley Center Wallingford, Connecticut 06492

    Incompetence is about the best compliment anyone could give this place. Definitely the worst place in CT. I would bring my dying dog to this place. If you judge a book by its cover you judged wrong not enough lipstick could cover the neglect and numerous med errors this place has. Under staff and for the most part 1 out 5 nurses is competent the rest got their license from the dollar store. Beware and run do not let the drop you off there it's a death sentence!!!