Review of Life Care Center of Westminster

1 Star User Review

If your loved one has to stay at this facility stay in top of the staff. Be prepared to spend a LOT of time there and don't be afraid to speak up. Watch them VERY closely. My mother was there and had horrible treatment. She was physically assulted by a CNA. The CNA was fired and the police were called. The called the police without notifying me or even giving my mom a heads up which caused my mom more undo stress. The expierence on reporting the incident was a joke. The charge nurse didn't seem to care at all and snapped at me to "fill out an incident for" which nobody could find. That was not all. They placed bandages on the dirty floor then used them on my mom's wounds which caused an infection. They did not give my mother all of her medicine consistently or provide her with oxygen all the time. They left her in her wheel chair to sleep. She was supposed to be bathed twice a week. She was there about 3 weeks and had 2 bathes. They also did not respond to alarms in a timely manner. I ended up responding to my mom's roommates alarm on 2 occasions because nobody came. my mom was also discharged with pneuminia. Who do discharges a patient who is so sick? There were some positives. I meet some of the staff on the long term care side of the facility (by the birds) and they seemed to really care about their patients. It was much different on that side then the side my mother was on. My mom was in the "Kaiser ward" as they called it.The hair dresser was great. Her prices were hig but it was worth it to finally see my mom happy and smiling.