Review of Elms Haven Center

1 Star User Review

My mother was in Elms Haven for rehab for 25 days. It was by far lacking in every department. For one, they told us initially that Mom could only stay for 20 days, check out for 3 then come back in, we didn't find out until day 18 that there was a work around and that they actually had a Social Worker there. In the 25 days, she was only allowed 3 showers even though she had bed sores. We had popsicles in the employees’ freezer for her, 3 fresh boxes were dropped off, with her name on them, she didn't eat any of them for a day or two, my brother went to get her one and a box and a half was gone. My brother would deal with the Admin and answer their billing questions, then someone different would call him and ask the same questions 3 days later. The medical staff was incompetent and totally unprofessional. They would give Mom test results that she had already received a week prior. They did nothing to help her condition and when we brought up the subject of moving her to hospice, they scrambled every way to next Sunday to try and keep her in there. They didn’t care about her; they only cared about keeping that bed filled, totally pathetic!!!