Review of Life Care Center of Stonegate

1 Star User Review

My two month stay at the Life Care Center of Stonegate as an inpatient was pretty good. Staff was mostly adequate and some of the nurses were exceptional. So I would give that portion of the review 4 stars. And the subsequent Outpatient Physical Therapy for the next 5 months, was very helpful in his recovery. Good and friendly therapists that treated him with care and concern.

HOWEVER… the billing department had many problems. Including very slow billing and bad information. I made the mistake of believing the coordinator of the PT section when she said that she would "Take care of everything" with insurance coverage. She came to us and told us that insurance had approved 60 visits of outpatient therapy (when they had only approved 20). He used 43 visits total, and the insurance only paid for the 20 visits. We are being billed for the remaining 23 visits and it will come out of pocket. The Director of the facility has refused to accept responsibility for Stonegate's error and will not reduce the cost to us for the portion that insurance didn't cover. They are now threatening to send us to collections for the $1600 plus bill. Part of this was my fault because I trusted them to tell me the truth, but mostly it is the outpatient therapy coordinator's fault for giving me false information on insurance coverage.

Lesson to be learned - Don't trust anyone! Check it out for yourself.