Review of Bear Creek Center

5 Star User Review

Wonderful Facility, wonderful location, wonderful staff. The facility staff from Administration on down make you feel welcome and important. The nursing staff is attentive, kind, caring and most of all patient. Even the food is great. They have a great program that offers 5 meals day with more choices than I can count. If I had any complaints it would be that they offered too much food! The Therapy department as wiell was excellent during my stay - they wanted to make sure I pushed myself to get home safely and were attentive to any pain needs I might have. Bear Creek certainly changed my perception on what nursing home are like. This place was practically a resort. The grounds are beautiful and in the evenings a herd of deer walks though the yard -- so peaceful. The building is a little old, but they have updated the rooms on rehab and it was clean. The rooms where people live vs get rehab could probably use a little updating - but again they apeared clean to me.