Review of Powerback Rehabilitation Lafayette

1 Star User Review

My mother has been admitted to Powerback in Lafeyette twice. All I can say is they don't care about there patients at all. They care about their numbers and stats. She received on average less than 15 minutes of rehab per day. The rehab consisted of walking down the hall with her walker. She can't get out of bed without help, can't use the bathroom with out help, etc… But they say she has recovered and doesn't require any more rehab and can be discharged after 10 days. What a bunch of bull. This company cares about their numbers that's it. Some of the staff is friendly but most just complain about being overworked. On 2 occasions she didn't receive her dinner, the kitchen lost her order. What?.. Unexceptable. On every visit her water glass was completely empty. She would request her glass be filled and the AIDS comment was she will get to it when she has more time. If you want true rehab don't use Powerback go somewhere else.